Are You Ready for a Change?
Then You Are Ready for the

The Program for Life

The Program for Life is a weight loss program based on one’s personal needs and history. It includes an individualized exercise plan and food agenda that leads to improved health, vitality and strength.
This program does not count calories, measure portions, or allow the client to focus on the scale.

Weekly Weigh-Ins are monitored only by the coach and are not visible by the client. If a person is mentally ready for a change in their lives, they will succeed in this program.


Right now we are offering this Weight Loss Program for FREE to 20 people that:

  • have over 50 LOSE!

  • are ready to make the CHANGE!

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Last year, I initiated an opportunity for obese people to participate in my weight loss program for FREE as a way of giving back to the community during the Christmas season.
You may remember the article posted in the Montréal gazette on November 16th, 2010:
This year I am offering this opportunity again to 20 people that I feel are ready to make a change in their lives. This Free Weight Loss Program starts November 21st, 2011.

You will receive FREE of charge:

  • 6 weeks use of the Muscle Up Personal Training Centre

  • An exercise plan based on your needs and capabilities

  • A food agenda to suit your profile and medical history

  • A weekly consultation

  • Ara Wiseman's book Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul. a book that is necessary for anyone that has been struggling with their weight and searching for the 'TRUTH' of it all.

  • A free 30 minute Reflexology Session with Renée of Movement Santé Beauté (upstairs from Muscle Up Training Centre)